Apple TV+ releases new images from Ryan Reynolds’ Spirited

As part of their upcoming slate preview, Apple TV+ has provided a first look at Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s Christmas movie, Spirited.

We’re still months away from seeing Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s Christmas musical movie Fiery are coming to Apple TV+, but the streamer has shared new footage from the film as part of a preview of their upcoming slate of movies and shows, which includes Zac Efron The greatest beer race of all time and Henry Cavill’s thriller Argyle. Fiery is a new version of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carolone of the most adapted party stories of all time, and what Reynolds and Ferrell, with help from Octavia Spencer and Sunita Mani, can do with the IP.

When it was announced that Reynolds and Ferrell would be reuniting for the film, Reynolds clearly couldn’t be happier to be working with someone he considers a huge inspiration and one of his personal heroes. However, in recent years Ferrell has had far more misses than hits, while Reynolds’ career has gone stratospheric thanks to his roles in Deadpool, red notice and free guy as well as his new film The Adam Project. Bringing the two actors together certainly can’t fail, and that’s certainly what Apple is hoping for after spending $75 million on the talent involved.


While A Christmas Carol has been seen in many formats, from classic versions starring Alastair Sim and George C. Scott, to the iconic Muppet take on the story starring Michael Caine, and alternate modern takes such as Bill Murray. Scrooged, Fiery promises to be a comedic musical extravaganza and the new stills certainly show plenty of color, Christmas sparkle and elaborate song and dance numbers.

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Fiery takes a risk by adapting Dickens’ classic story of an old miser who is encouraged to change his ways by three ghosts who show him his past and present mistakes and where it will lead in the future, because as far as stories go Christmas, none has been said more since the first silent film release in 1908. Having been adapted directly over thirty times, and also inspired hundreds of other films and TV show episodes, if it Is there room for another adaptation is the real question.

Ultimately, the big draw here is the pairing of Reynolds and Ferrell as clearly opposing forces, and making it one big festive entertainment extravaganza may just mean that Apple TV+ can land a big holiday ratings winner. . With the first teased images already teased, and behind-the-scenes footage that leaked from set during filming garnered a lot of attention last year, Fiery looks set to get plenty of promotions as its release date nears. There’s certainly no one who would expect a movie starring Ryan Reynolds to fail right now, and with his MCU debut Deadpool on the cards, as well as one or more sequels to his 2021 hit. Free Guy also teased there seems to be no end in sight for the Reynolds train. For his many fans, there couldn’t have been a better time to step on board.

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell clash as Christmas Musical Spirited begins filming

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell clash as Christmas Musical Spirited begins filming

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