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Entities using the name and iconography of Anonymous (EUTNAIOA) claim to have leaked server disk images taken from Epik – the controversial US company that has provided services to far-right organizations such as Oath Keepers and Gab, provided a home for a Talking social network -for-internet-outcasts, and hosted the 8chan Hatehole.

Epik has made a virtue of providing such services. In a blog post Defending his decision to exploit Gab’s domain name after GoDaddy refused to do so, Epik CEO Rob Monster argued it was a free speech issue, and said the removal of the platforms is both censorship and a violation of inalienable rights.

EUTNAIOA previously disclosed 180 GB of data which it said it siphoned off Epik servers, many of which detail the activities of far-right groups such as The Proud Boys and the ridiculous QAnon mob. This included personally identifiable information, domain ownership records, account credentials and SSH keys, internal Git repositories, payment histories, and more.

The hacktivist collective justified the disclosure of stolen data on the grounds that it exposed racists, and called the operation: Epik Fail.

This document dump has been shared on the Internet and has been widely rated as genuine. At least one Epik client identified in the leaked files – a Florida real estate agent – was fired as a result of the leak; it appeared that he had tried to register domains such as theholocaustisfake.com through the web biz.

This latest stolen Epik data super-dump was the first reported by the Daily Dot on Wednesday after EUTNAIOA shared the information as a torrent.

One of the post’s journalists tweeted a partial screenshot of the collective’s announcement of the leak and detailed some of its content:

We are told that the dump is a 70 GB archive of files and “several bootable disk images of assorted systems” that represent Epik’s server infrastructure. Journalist Steve Monacelli, who broke the news of the data’s first release, noted the latest leak expands to 300 GB.

“This leak appears to be fully bootable disk images of Epik servers, including a wide range of passwords and API tokens,” he added.

A security expert who uses the “WhiskeyNeon” handle posted the video below which depicts some of Epik’s virtual machines in action.

And that’s all that’s been made public right now, it seems.

The Distributed Denial of Secrets collective, which is separate from EUTNAIOA and helped spread the initial leak, said those who trashed Epik’s systems claimed to have obtained “bootable disk images.”

After the data was first released, Epik’s Monster CEO hosted a video chat session in which he claimed the data likely came from a backup that had been “intercepted,” but did not specify. .

Whatever the content of the data dump, and however it was obtained, the interest in the data treasure is enormous because it seems to offer extraordinary insight into the functioning of far-right groups.

And as FBI Director Christopher Wray put it in a declaration On the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, the federal government considers that the primary threat the nation faces from domestic violent extremists is “those whom we identify as racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, particularly those who defend the superiority of the white race ”.

Epik gladly hosts services and people who share these opinions. ®


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