Andi Eigenmann Shares Postpartum Fitness Progress Report

Andi Eigenmann recently shared a “progress report” on her postpartum fitness journey.

The island mum recently took to IG Stories to share an update on her post-pregnancy body.

“First progress report in ages! She wrote in her post, along with a photo of her current physique. “I’ve been busy with school at home, but now that we’ve picked up the pace, I can’t wait to practice again! “

Andi then shared photos of her body in March, two months after giving birth to Baby Koa.

“I remembered I had this progression photo template! And I said. In the IG story, Andi detailed her weight as well as her waistline.

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Then she showed off her current weight and measurements after eight months.


In April, Andi would share daily workouts on IG as part of her fitness challenge. She did activities like running and indoor cardio workouts. She strongly advised mothers who have just given birth to see their doctor when it is safe to exercise again. Plus, she also understood that it was totally okay to calm down and take a break sometimes!

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It appears that Andi started to resume a “healthy routine” in August.

“Finally, we are back to our old healthy ways,” she wrote. “I didn’t expect it to be such a fight, considering it’s always what we have been. But it’s really about having the right mindset! Indeed, the best medicine is to teach people how not to need it! “

In September, Andi also posted an article on how she and Philmar Alipayo would do some of their favorite sports like trail running and of course surfing. Andi shared her happiness that Philmar joined her on her fitness journey.

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