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Nowadays, if you are interested in gambling, the question is less: “Should I play in online casinos?” and more than one: “Which online casino should I choose?”. Online gambling services have been around for decades and have established themselves as a popular pastime activity. Jurisdiction and gambling licenses have played a huge role in improving the quality and security standards of gambling websites.

With just a quick Google search, you can find the information you need to choose a reputable online casino. But even among the providers, who have met the specifications of the authority, there must be some who eclipse the others. What are the features that make a casino great?

Online casino excellence

To illustrate what determines the quality of an online casino, you can consult the ratings of the provider Videoslots. The casino is a practical example, as their positive qualities are conveniently described in multiple ratings, such as the Casinomeister’s Full Review of Video Slots.

To determine the quality of a casino, the website team reviews its service based on:

  • payment speed,
  • withdrawal limits,
  • Customer service,
  • software and games,
  • Licence.

They then use their findings to create a note.

Videoslots scored 9.8 points out of 10.

Casinomeister site users leave their reviews and describe their experiences to create a second rating based on ‘everyday casino users’ as opposed to someone who might be considered part of the online gambling industry .

Videoslots player rating is 8.2 out of 10 points.

Additionally, the casino has received awards such as the Best Casino of the Decade 2010 – 2019 and several Best Casino of the Year awards (2015 to 2018). To win one, the casino must be nominated by the community, be chosen as one of the top five casinos, and then win the vote of 60 of the most experienced members of the community.

Last but not least, Casinomeister has created a seal of accreditation. Online casinos can claim to earn the badge if they meet the strictest requirements of the website. Accredited casinos must meet a series of prerequisites focused on the player experience. This includes the transparency of their marketing, the clarity of their rules, their tools for promoting responsible gambling and many more. Operational habits that treat players unfairly, exploit them, or use deceptive advertising are criteria for elimination.

Videoslots is one of the casinos that has obtained the seal of accreditation, which means that the online gambling experts at Casinomeister consider it one of the best of the best. Here are the areas in which they outperform other casinos.

Online Casino Quality Standards

Imagine the online casino of your dreams and ask yourself the question of what features you expect from it for an unforgettable experience.

To cover the basics, the casino should:

Be fun to use

Use literally: Is it fun to be on the website, navigate it and use its features? This is determined by the website coding, text wording, website structure, layout, etc. Even if the games are exciting and the service is great, if getting from point to point is frustrating because the wayfinding is terrible, the explanations are confusing, or the load times are slow, you’re not going to not having fun. The goal is excellent web design that is both aesthetic and functional.

Have variety

It’s about the variety of games, but also about the variety of website features. A casino with a large number of different games is more likely to keep you entertained for a while. When it comes to choosing payment methods and account settings, choosing from multiple options gives you the freedom to use what works best for you.

Offer bonuses

Casino bonuses, tournaments and VIP programs increase customer loyalty by giving the player reasons to come back. As a reward, the player should be offered honest bonuses and perks.

Be trustworthy

Once the casino has a license, it is monitored by a gaming authority and meets its quality and safety standards. The approval process includes vendor background checks. If they have a criminal history, don’t have the assets to fund the casino, or don’t know how to run it, they don’t get a license. A license means that the website is not just a front to steal your personal and financial information, but a reputable company.

Be careful

This is an extension of the first subject, but in a slightly different direction. Knowing that the website is a real casino and not a scam does not automatically make it safe to use. Another prerequisite for the license is the implementation of security standards for the website, in order to protect your personal information and banking data from hackers. Additionally, feeling secure when using a casino also means knowing that your deposits are in good hands and will be returned to you should the company fail.

Solve problems quickly

Efficient customer service that isn’t a third-party company or chatbot is most helpful. They should be reachable 24/7 or at least reliably within the stated times. It is preferable that they can be contacted on several channels, such as telephone, email or chat. They should do their best to resolve issues to everyone’s satisfaction.

be quick

“Fast” refers to the responsiveness of the website, software and customer service, which have already been mentioned, and the time it takes for the casino to register deposits and transfer payments.

Have a sense of morality

The casino provider must display a sense of morality. Misleading advertising or terms and conditions hidden in the fine print make it look like you are just a golden cow to get tricked and milked as much as possible. A good casino is a real business with mutually agreed transparent terms. Gaming percentages and programming should be fair, and the casino should offer a variety of gambling addiction tools and information that can help you gamble responsibly.


Fun, security, fairness, friendliness and service are the most important factors that make or break an online casino. The business must have been proven legitimate by a gambling authority. Deposited money, financial and personal information must be protected by security measures. Programming, advertising and general operating practices must be fair and transparent.

The user should not feel cheated, used or scammed in any way due to misleading information or unethical behavior. Tools that prevent gambling addiction, rather than trigger it voluntarily to earn more money, must be provided. Plus, good web design, helpful customer service, and a good variety of games, bonuses, and features add polish to the solid foundation created by licensing regulations.

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