8 Ways a Background Remover Can Improve Your Creativity

Good photos are essential to everything you want to do, whether it’s showing off what your business can do, branding a client, or simply keeping your family and friends looking their best. Sometimes, however, mistakes happen or clutter in a photo’s background can distract from what you really want viewers to see. This is when you need a background remover.

Unlike using a clipping path to remove an image from a background, which uses a vector to highlight and cut an image from its scene, a background remover completely removes the background -map of a highlighted object. For example, an application such as VistaCreate (opens in a new tab) uses an algorithm to analyze a photo and judge the primary and secondary objects in the image, then it will remove the background.

If you want to get started creating your own marketing materials or just want to freshen up social media, a top background removal tool can help.

Even when a vector cutout does a good job, it can be tedious and time-consuming, particularly if you have a complex image – we’ve got a guide on how to cut hair in Photoshop to help, for example, but a good background remover, like VistaCreate, can speed up the process and make it error-free.

Using a bespoke background remover isn’t just about cutting an image out of its scene, for example VistaCreate offers an ecosystem of tools to do everything from adding animation and music to offering a suite of branded models. If you want to get started creating your own marketing materials or just improving social media, a top background removal tool can help.

Below, we explore some of the uses of a background remover, and there are some surprising benefits, like helping clicks from your website to new income for freelance photographers.

01. Create better product images

A yellow watering can on a yellow background

Use a background remover to create consistent product photos for online stores, such as Etsy (Image credit: Crello)

It’s obvious, but removing the clutter of a background or completely removing the background puts more emphasis on the product itself. Maybe it’s because you’ve made or spotted mistakes in the background that you want to build a consistent brand around your product. Consistency in this way suggests quality and reliability.

Creating a nice, clean product image can also entice buyers and users to click on your item, which is great for selling on sites like eBay or Etsy as well as your own website or marketing materials. Using a background remover can eliminate blemishes and unnecessary distractions and let the focus of the image shine through.

02. Image setup for edits

An image being edited

Images can be easily edited and configured for effects (Image credit: Crello)

Removing the background from an image also sets it up for adding additional visual effects or even using the image in a VFX shot. A person or product on a simple white background, for example, is much easier to reuse than one on a complex background.

Once the background is removed, the product can be edited, such as adding highlights, shadows, or other effects in Photoshop and After Effects. The image can even be transformed into a VFX shot. With all the flaws and details removed, the image is easier to handle.

03. Improve your social media content

A social media banner for a small business

Boost your social media impact with a background eraser, perfect for a small business (Image credit: Crello)

If it is nice to see your product or yourself in the background with a context, often breaking through on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram it can be a good idea to offer simple and powerful images. Removing a background to provide a clean image or placing your product on a colored or animated background can be beneficial.

By using a tool like VistaCreate, you can easily modify an image to create something more dynamic and personal. Again, removing a cluttered background and placing an item on a bespoke or colored background can provide a personalized, branded visual. You can even get social media banner templates, perfect for promoting your business on sites like Facebook.

04. Create easy collages

An image of a collage

Background removers make it easy to create collages (Image credit: Crello)

Often you will want to create product graphics that showcase your line of items in a single image. By removing the background and saving your images as PNG files, you can easily make special edits and cuts, and place these images on top of each other to easily create group photos. It’s easy to paste multiple images onto a chart this way, and you’ve done it with a click or two in one piece of software.

05. Improve your marketing materials

A logo of a stack of pancakes on a yellow background

A background remover makes creating logos even easier and more consistent (Image credit: Crello)

If you want to create your own advertisements, posters, or any other type of marketing material that requires a clean, crisp design, with consistent branding, this can be achieved much more easily if the product is removed from the background. It is not always necessary to show the game controller in game if it is better to show the same controller in detail.

Using a background remover also allows you to reuse or make better use of logos. You can have a dated logo on a clunky background that can easily be refreshed by dropping it on a transparent background and laying it on a new pre-designed template. Change the dimensions of the template to suit different uses and you have now created a set of new logos.

06. Create unique personal photos

A photo of a person looking at a camera

Apps like VistaCreate can be used to remove errors from photos for professional results (Image credit: Crello)

We’ve already covered some marketing, branding, and e-commerce uses, but you can also use a background remover to rejuvenate your personal photos. You can easily remove the background in VistaCreate, then resize your photos, cut, edit and add special effects – all more easily on a clean photo. Your new photos are now ideal for creating bespoke cards and calendars – perfect gifts for grandma!

07. Create smaller file sizes

An image of an image being resized

Image resizing is easily done in most background removers, VistaCreate can be seen here (Image credit: Crello)

It may seem obvious, but the less image there is – the less “data” there is – the smaller the file size. While this might seem unnecessary since most of the images you use might be small anyway, it does make websites load faster – so it’s great for Etsy, for example, or your blog or business site.

A smaller image size means a better SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) rating, which ultimately ensures that your website will rank higher in Google and you will get more views. All because you removed a background, impressive.

08. Earn money with your photos

a cartoon woman holding a telephone

Cleaner art and photos are easier for customers to use (Image credit: Crello)

As we pointed out above, there are many reasons why you might do good background removal and how a cleaner image can be used. But just like you can use a clean new image, so can other people.

Once you remove a background and have a photo of a product, item, or person on a transparent background, you can earn royalties from other people who want to use your photos in their marketing. You can sell them through your own website or register with a platform such as Depositphotos (opens in a new tab) and start earning.

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