Everyone has different ideas on the best locations for a new home, especially since it is a long-term commitment. But whether you are looking for something that allows you to live in a suburban neighborhood or even something with more land to develop your gardening skills, there are always benefits to making sure you are close to the city center of the city. town you live in for easy access to amenities like restaurants, stores, grocery stores, and schools.

While living downtown can be too busy, making sure your home is close enough for cycling, or even walking, can be beneficial. Here are three reasons:

Less dependence on the car. If your new home is a few miles or less from a city center, you may find that walking or doing brisk errands is faster and less stressful.

Close to entertainment. Are you bored on a Friday night? Museums, galleries and cinemas are all nearby, giving your TV or computer a much needed break.

Sense of community. Neighborhoods are cool, but let’s face it: our neighbors all have other things to do than hang out at home. Going downtown for a farmer’s market or craft fair on the weekends can give you a better idea of ​​the city you live in.

If that sounds like a good plan, take a look at these six homes available now that are part of the neighborhood, but allow easy access to all that downtown has to offer.

Click on the gallery above to see these six houses near the city center