15 things we miss about York – in pictures

Stopping at chocolate shops when cyclists crowded York’s roads, swimming in St George’s Baths and going to see an ABC film – these are just a few of the many things about York that people miss. people today.

Readers shared their memories in our press nostalgia group on Facebook.

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Factory workers flock to York after their shift at Rowntree’s

And over 560 comments were posted under the question: You know you’re from York when you remember…?

It was a signal for people to remember what they miss in our beautiful city.

Today we have collected only 15 of these memories, as well as a selection of photos.

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In the meantime, here are 15 things readers miss about York – is yours on the list?

1. Patrick Loftus: “King’s Square Pigeons.”

2. Elaine Dennett: “The policeman standing in Clifford Street directing traffic…and the ferry that was at the bottom of Farndale Street that took us across the river to Rowntree Park.”

York Press: Enjoying the Baths at Rowntree ParkEnjoy the baths at Rowntree Park

3. Jacqueline Hall: “I spent time at Rowntree’s when Haxby Road was inundated with cyclists.”

4. Lee Jason Moran: “Glass Factory at Fishergate.”

5. Annette Forster: “The fabric shop at Renders High Ousegate. They had some sort of cutting machine that gave a straight edge.”

6. Joan Rush: “Wrights pork pies, pies and polony delicious.”

7. Valerie Motek: “Buying scrap chocolate at the Rowntree staff shop.”

8. Garry Moody: “Getting Questa’s ice cream after already sinking a few pints at Market Tavern, Half Moon and Londesboro on Saturday lunch.”

York Press: Half Moon adhalf moon pub

9. Yvonne Walton-Gurney: “Going to Heartbeat on a Saturday afternoon with some friends when you were 12.”

10. Anne Horner: “See the Beatles at Rialto”

11. Alan Morley: “Working at the carriage.”

12. Isabel Baker: “Go see Back to the Future at the ABC Theaters.”

13. Susan Black: “Passing by the cathedral, and before it was cleaned.”

14. Lou Abel: “Fireworks – Clifford’s Tower.”

15. Diane Carter: “St George’s Baths and St George’s Field Fair.”

York Press: The Ancient Baths of St George in YorkThe old baths of St George in York

What do you remember of your past life in York?

We would love to hear more of your memories and see your old photos.

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Thanks to everyone for their comments and photos so far – keep following them!

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