11 Hidden Canva Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Free and user-friendly, Canva makes design easy and fun for amateurs and professionals alike. You probably use it frequently for your social media presentations, reports, and photos and you’ve been amazed at how rich its features are.

However, if you think you already know everything there is to know about Canva, think again. Here are 11 of his hidden tools that you probably forgot!

1. Color wheel

Probably one of the most stressful parts of creating a design on Canva is finding the colors that go well with the one you already have in mind. Of course, you can always experiment, but do you really want to go through a million colors to find the perfect combination?

Luckily for you, Canva comes with a color wheel to help you create the color combination you need. Just go to Canva’s color wheel and type in the color you originally liked. You can then choose the combination of colors to generate: complementary, monochromatic, analogous, triadic or tetradic.

Once you have the combination you want, you can either start creating a chart or just export the palette.

2. Color Palette Builder

Ever come across an Instagrammable photo online and wanted to use its color palette in a design? Canva’s color palette generator lets you do just that. After uploading your photo to the site, it will automatically create a palette for you based on the shades of the image.

There are also plenty of demo images available on Canva in case you don’t have an inspirational photo to upload. Just click “Try the demo image“, and it will show you a sample photo with its corresponding color scheme.

If you still haven’t found your dream palette, Canva offers almost 4000 pre-made color combinations.

3. Meaning of colors

Canva’s color meaning feature is easily one of its most underrated tools. You might not always find it useful, but it’s actually a great resource when you want to add some symbolism to your design.

Besides telling you the meaning of a color, it also contains other useful information such as the color’s RGB values, CMYK conversion, and other hues it matches perfectly with.

4. Design Size Guide

With so many things you can use a Canva design on, it can be difficult to keep track of the sizes you need for each one. There’s a specific size for a YouTube video thumbnail, Twitter header photo, Pinterest portrait pin, Etsy shop banner, and more.

If you don’t feel like searching the internet every time you need to know the size, just check out Canva’s design size guide. It has all the dimension information you need in one place, from social media sizes to documents and paper sizes.

5. Styles

If you’re someone who has a headache every time you need to find the perfect font pair or palette for your design, you’ll surely find Canva Styles to be a lifesaver. This feature is hidden in the “After” in the left pane of your design dashboard.

You can find at least 30 different font sets and color palettes here, as well as predefined combinations of color palettes and font styles to choose from. If you want something unique for your design, here’s how to upload a font to Canva.

6. QR Code Generator

Another tool hiding behind the “After” is the QR code generator. It is quite simple to use. Just paste a URL into the text field and it will create a QR code that you can insert into your design.

This is especially useful if you want to give your audience an easy way to get to your website or get more information about the product or service you are promoting in your design.

7. Integration of Pixabay and Pexels

As someone who spends hours creating a design, you’re probably already sick of going to Pexels and Pixabay to find a photo, download it, and then upload it to Canva. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that you can browse both websites without having to leave your Canva design dashboard.

This is thanks to the Pexels and Pixabay integrations also hidden behind the “After“. You are just a few clicks away from all the stock photos you need.

If QR codes are too intrusive, there’s another way to take your audience from your design to a URL of your choice: via links. It works exactly like the hyperlink on Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Simply select the element on your Canva design (it can be text or an image) and click the link icon in the top ribbon to insert your URL. This is especially useful when designing a business card in Canva. Instead of using your full website URL, you can simply link to it.

9. Save to Google Drive and Dropbox

Do you know that there are other ways to export your designs than downloading them? In fact, you can save them directly to your Google Drive or Dropbox. To do this, click To share > Afterthen scroll to to safeguard group where you can see several cloud storage options.

You can also send the design to your phone or share it on your social media platforms.

10. PDF Editing

Few people know that Canva is not only a design tool but also a PDF editor. Yes, you can actually upload any PDF to Canva and be able to edit it as you see fit. How practical! You can use it after creating an ebook in Canva if you want to change the style of the ebook or fix some spelling mistakes.

11. Information button

Canva’s hundreds of templates make it easy to create a design instead of starting from scratch. But what if you only want a specific element on that template and you don’t know what it’s called and how to find it in Canva?

This is where the frequently ignored Info button comes in. Navigate to any template, click on the item you want, then select the information icon on the top ribbon.

It will tell you the name of the item, the keywords associated with it and whether it is available in the free or pro version. You can also click the “Star” to save the item to the left pane of your design dashboard for easy access.

Take your designs to the next level with Canva

Equipped with many tools, Canva can help you create stunning designs without much effort. These hidden features are especially valuable for taking them to the next level. And the best part is that they are all free!

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