10 Outstanding Recommendation Letter Examples

If you are active in the labor market, you are not acting in isolation: you will undoubtedly have benefited from advantages from colleagues, bosses and mentors in the past, and you can benefit from them for the talented people in the future.

You may have come across this before if you’ve been asked to write a letter of recommendation for someone else. A younger colleague, a graduate or a family member may ask you to write a letter of recommendation in support of a job application, which means that you are going to have some responsibility for the trajectory of that person’s career.

It’s understandable that you want to get it right, and that means taking time to figure out exactly what you mean. That probably means checking out patterns and resources online as well, so we’ve rounded up ten of the best.

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Sample Letters of Recommendation

(Image credit: Indeed)

In effect

Indeed is one of the best sites for straightforward career advice, and that holds true for letters of recommendation. Indeed’s page explains in detail how to write a letter of recommendation, request one, and tips for producing the best possible document – and it also contains sample letters that you can copy, paste, and edit for your own use.

Beyond that, Indeed offers reference letter templates designed for certain situations, such as letters for graduates, managers, colleagues, and teachers.

Sample Letters of Recommendation

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Electronic forms

This is a website that specializes in providing templates and samples for all kinds of letters and documents – the site divides its content into business, personal and real estate sections, and it has more samples than practically any other site.

This site also offers a step by step guide to writing your own letter of recommendation. And if you want to use a template, look no further: the page has three generic sample letters as well as detailed letters for many different employment situations, from graduate and scholarship positions to medical, legal, and military scenarios. .

Sample Letters of Recommendation

(Image credit: Workable)


Workable has an HR toolbox full of helpful resources, including an impressive set of sample reference letters. The website simple model is easy to copy into a word processor or email application, and the page guides users through the process of customizing the template for their own situation.

The template is also available in PDF format, if that’s your preference, and Workable’s site also has helpful tips so you can see exactly what information you need to include in your letter.

Sample Letters of Recommendation

(Image credit: TemplateLab)

Template Lab

As the name suggests, TemplateLab is the place to go for all kinds of sample documents – its director encompasses corporate, legal, and personal templates as well as more obscure categories.

TemplateLab serves more than forty reference letter templates and samples, and they’re all available in simple Microsoft Word or PDF formats. They cover every type of situation you’re likely to encounter when you need to create one of these documents, and the site is full of advice on how to write the perfect letter of recommendation – perfect if you want to personalize the one of the models with your own flair.

Sample Letters of Recommendation

(Image credit: The Balance Careers)

Career Balance

The Balance Careers is one of the best sites if you need high quality career advice, and it remains true to train with his page on letters of recommendation. Before accessing the examples, you can browse quality advice on how to write your own letter of recommendation, and the examples from the site can be copied or downloaded quickly and easily.

The page also contains simple tips on how to write your own letter, so you can be sure you won’t miss any important information.

Sample Letters of Recommendation

(Image credit: Betterteam)

best team

Betterteam combines its powerful job posting software with an impressive array of recruiting resources available for free, including great sample reference letters.

the samples available here are very easy to customize, with plenty of options to tailor the text to your particular situation, and the site also has plenty of frequently asked questions and a step-by-step guide to writing your own letter of recommendation. If you don’t know where to start, this is a great choice.

Sample Letters of Recommendation

(Image credit: PrepScholar)


This site includes that you’ll be more successful at work and in life if you prepare properly – and that’s true if you have to write a letter of recommendation. PrepScholar explains in depth what is needed in a good recommendation document, and the page provides nine examples that cover a wide variety of situations, from full-time and part-time work to college, graduate, and remote work.

Sample Letters of Recommendation

(Image credit: ResumeGenius)


No wonder this site has all the necessary information for every part of the recruitment process – and that includes a full set of recruitment letter samples.

The templates here are for people who need to write letters of recommendation for colleagues, subordinates, friends, and colleagues. They are available in plain text and Microsoft Word formats for easy use. Each sample also comes with a list of handy bullet points that highlight the key things you need to convey when writing your letter to give you and your referral the best chance of success.

Sample Letters of Recommendation

(Image credit: RemoteBliss)


RemoteBliss might be a blog that focuses on blogging and remote working, but don’t overlook the amount of information you can find here. on letters of recommendation.

The site offers five different examples – for fields as diverse as teaching, writing, sales and web design – and the page also has awesome tips for writing and customizing your own letter of recommendation, including a checklist tips that can be used. to make your letter as effective as possible.

Sample Letters of Recommendation

(Image credit: Zety)


Zety’s simple recommendation letter sets out the basic rules for producing this type of document – it will tell you what to do and what not to do. The site has plain text recommendation letter templates that you can enter and edit for your own use, and it has a lot of information that covers the exact information you need to include in any recommendation letter.

Impressively, Zety also offers templates in over a dozen different styles that you can customize after providing the site with some basic information. It might not be your first choice for career advice – after all, Zety is a resume builder by trade – but there’s a lot of great information here.

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